SWF Contract Solar Shades

R Series Manual Solar Shades

SWFcontract Solar Shading Systems are designed for long-term durability and performance in the most demanding commercial environments. Exclusive components including the TrueTrack Spline, TrueLevel Brackets, TrueTube, and TruePerformance Clutch offer advantages you will only find with SWFcontract. Somfy Motors are integrated into all motorized applications.

Manually Operated Shades

  • R Series Manually Operated Shades
  • R Series Manual Solar Shades from SWFcontract are the cost-effective way to add energy-efficient window shades for commercial use to your next project. You will love the daylight control provided by manual window shades and you can choose from a wide range of stain-resistant, antistatic fabric options that resist fading, including blackout shades. From the way they look and operate to their lasting durability, installing R Series Manual Solar Shades provides commercial-grade shade performance for your end-users.

    Available in Blackout Fabrics (0% Openness) and Solar Fabrics (1% openness, 3% openness, 4% openness, 5% openness, and 10% openness).

  • True Performance Manually Operated Shades
  • True Performance Manual Solar Shades are all about keeping customers happy every time they open or lower their shades. With strong, durable, and wear-resistant materials, the roller shade clutch system provides smooth operation and pull force. Manual window shades from SWFcontract are cost-effective for you and the end-user and increase energy-efficiency. Easy shade lift, effective daylight control, stunning shade cloth. Thats true performance.

  • Pro-Series Manually Operated Shades
  • Pro Series is the newest manual solar shade solution from SWFcontract, engineered with the durability required of commercial-grade solar shade installations. Field-tested and proven in the most challenging applications around the world, the Pro Series clutch and brackets are made from thick, hard-wearing steel to complement our performance-proven manual solar shade systems. Choose from three different fascia colors and a versatile selection of high-quality shade fabrics with options offering an anti-microbial finish, various weaves, and openness ranging from blackout to 36%.

Motor Operated Shades

  • Intelligent Motor Operated Shades
  • Intelligent Motorized Solar Shades provide a control system that enables users to adjust shade positions with the touch of a button. These smart motorized shades can be programmed to adjust to climate and light conditions by integrating into home or office automation systems. SWFcontract's motorized solar window shades provide solutions for small, large or custom commercial building projects.

  • Somfy RTS Operated Shades
  • RTS Motorized Solar Shades from SWFcontract enables users to adjust motorized horizontal blinds, cellular shades, pleated shades, and solar shades through an exclusive radio control system. These remote control shades provide ease of use, and our simple installation and durable quality make them ideal for your commercial window treatment solution.

  • Standard Motorized Shades
  • Control. Efficiency. Functionality. Standard Motorized Solar Shades from SWFcontract enables users to control daylight with a motorized shade system. To adjust shades based on external conditions, the climate sensors and timers are stand-alone or can be integrated into home or office automation systems. These motorized products can manage temperature, moderate heat gain/loss, and optimize natural light while reducing glare, all while keeping occupants comfortable.